Postpartum Doula Services

Postpartum doula services include:

Free Initial Consult (optional)

This can be done either in your home, a public place, a phone call or even FaceTime if that works best for you. This is a time to ask questions to see whether or not you “click” with me as a doula and to communicate your needs and learn more about my skills, knowledge and experience as a postpartum doula.

Postpartum Care

As postpartum doulas, we believe in supporting you through the internal and external healing process that unfolds within the first 3 months after baby. After all, birth is not just about making babies, but also about making mothers.

During our postpartum visit(s) to your home we help families with many things, but here are just a few of the things we can assist you with: Help with breastfeeding/bottle feeding/sns feeding and pumping; processing and documenting your birth story; meal prep; baby soothing techniques; babywearing; setting up nursing stations and bedroom(s); belly binding; c-section recovery and positioning; baby care; mama care; older sibling care; sleep strategizing; responding to emails and/or phone calls; setting up a meal train; grocery shopping; placenta medicine preparation; herbal sitz baths for mama; driving mama and baby to and from appointments; running errands; and MUCH more. If you can dream it, we can do it!


Postpartum doula services are $45 per hour with a 3 hour minimum. 

Kendelle Phillips

Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula

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Brenda Kirkpatrick

Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula

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