Keely C. Helmick is a Certified Birth Doula and Licensed Counselor and loves working with individuals and couples during and outside of the childbearing years. She specializes in relationship counseling and sex therapy.  Please visit her website for more information and to contact her!

Helped our birth be a positive, powerful experience

5.0 rating
December 30, 2019

From our first meeting with Scarlett, my wife and I knew she was the doula we wanted to work with. Now, after the birth of our son, we can’t imagine having done it without her. Throughout the pregnancy, Scarlett always had great resources to share, was such a wonderful wealth of knowledge, and encouraged us to ask questions of both her and providers we were working with – it really helped us to feel empowered throughout the entire experience. It was so helpful to have Scarlett supporting us – she never tried to nudge us toward a particular decision or outcome, but always had plenty of information and experience to share as we tried to figure out what was best for us. I really can’t overemphasize how knowledgeable she is! When things seemed like they might be going a little pear-shaped towards the end of the pregnancy, talking through the options with Scarlett was really clarifying and helped us feel confident about how things were progressing. It always felt like her only goal was to make sure my wife felt supported, heard, and empowered to advocate for herself. The birth ultimately looked pretty different to what was on my wife’s birth plan, but she said she felt so good about everything that she actually didn’t realize this until weeks later! I think Scarlett had a huge amount to do with that. Without her, I think we would’ve seen labor and birth as just something to endure, rather than something that could be a positive, powerful experience. I would happily and unreservedly recommend Scarlett to anybody! 


Plan for a doula!

5.0 rating
December 15, 2019

I was lucky to have Kendelle as my doula during my pregnancy and labor. After researching and meeting with doula’s, we just felt that Kendelle was the perfect fit. She is very understanding, knowledgeable, friendly, and a great advocate!
I had a wonderful pregnancy but at the end had to get induced. She helped so much, and was able to use the techniques to help with my pain during labor. And luckily I was able to go all the way with no epidural (as I wanted on my birth plan)
Having a doula helps in so many ways, as well as having that extra advocate in the hospital room. One thing I’ve been asked about my labor, “how did you do it” and my answer is having Kendelle as my doula.

Michelle Filimon

Scarlett is so wonderful

5.0 rating
November 6, 2019

I am so thankful to have had Scarlett with us during the birth of my son. She was incredibly helpful to me during the process, but I also really appreciate that she taught my partner helpful things to do which encouraged him to be a part of the process. During my birth, I was diagnosed with the flu, Scarlette was so supportive and calming she helped us communicate with the hospital staff, and kept me from feeling scared or helpless in the situation. Scarlett is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. She helped turn a scary situation into a positive birth experience. Also, the birth story she made is something I am so thankful to have and treasure forever.

Austin Marsh

Highly recommend working with a doula, especially Kendelle!!

5.0 rating
October 20, 2019

After going through birthing classes, I decided I wanted to work with a doula to increase the odds of having a VBAC with my second 10+ yrs years after having my first. I started looking into doulas but knew right away when I met Kendelle that she was the one to guide me through my birth. She was amazing throughout the whole process. She answered a million questions, encouraged me, calmed me down and helped me not stress throughout pregnancy. Then during the birth she was an incredible support. I wouldn’t have been able to have an unmedicated VBAC without her encouragement and support! And even after birth she has been a great resource and friend!

Casie Schmitz

Kendelle is a doula rockstar

5.0 rating
October 19, 2019

I hired Kendelle to be on my team for my second baby. Her energy, intuition, and practicality was exactly what I needed. Kendelle is hands on, full of information, empathetic, creative, flexible, and has the warmest of hearts. Her confidence in her craft is attractive for someone with a lot of unknowns ahead of them. In a society where mothers and sisters and aunts aren’t able to fill the doula roll, Kendelle fills the roll perfectly.