Certified Labor Doula

My children, more than anything, have given me a passion for birth and in helping empower women and couples throughout pregnancy and the journey of birth. I graduated from the University of Oregon in 1996 with a degree in Psychology, focusing on Early Childhood Development and Outdoor Recreation and Pursuits. I worked as a Facilitator on an outdoor Challenge course where my job was to guide, empower and motivate people from all walks of life. I was passionate about helping and inspiring people to find their own inner strengths.

 It took the birth of my first child in 1998 to give these passions a more clear purpose. Since then I have been inspired to help other woman on their journey through pregnancy and childbirth. Through the birth of my three babies, I discovered the joy and satisfaction of making my own choices and realized just how important this can be in a woman’s life. I love being able to advocate and educate mommas and couples by supporting them through labor and by helping them process and feel satisfied with their choices.

 I have witnessed births in hospitals, at birth centers and home births. My experiences include medicated and unmedicated birth, and I have supported a variety of birth needs and circumstances including VBAC, induction, cesarean, twins, sexual trauma, over 40, high risk, single parents, water birth, non English speaking spouse/family members, to name but a few.

 As your Labor Doula my goal is to provide comfort measures and to support and guide you on your birth journey. I will help educate you and your birth team about your birth options, provide continuous labor support and help you process your own personal birth experience. Every birth is unique. It is my goal to provide non-judging care, compassionately and calmly. I will work with your partner and your care providers to create a more relaxing birth environment.

 I am also a Certified Rebozo Instructor and I am Dad Certified. I feel passionate about using the Rebozo to help create a more comfortable environment for both mom and her partner. I use relaxation techniques, visualization and comfort measures with my Rebozos. I enjoy helping Dads/Partners feel more relaxed and prepared during labor. My goal is to give the Birth Partner tools to feel more able to assist in comfort and to feel more mentally present with the birthing mother.

 In my free time I enjoy cooking and sharing food with my friends, spending time in nature, sitting on my front porch staring at the night sky, treasure hunting at garage sales, creative writing, creative decorating, and spending quality time with my three children and husband.

 Please feel free to contact Prudence at ecnedurp9@yahoo.com or (503) 504-6952. Take care and Enjoy these precious days of your pregnancy.

Fee: $900-$1400. Clients choose what to pay within this range.  

Client Reviews

“Prudence did an amazing job of working with us through this pregnancy and labor. This was my first pregnancy She was very knowledgeable and offered many different techniques to get through labor. Her visits to our home were very welcoming and she explained so many things about the hospital and birth process and answered many questions. Prudence also helped us understand all our options at the hospital which allowed us to develop a birth plan that was right for our new family. The techniques she taught my husband and I really helped ease the discomfort during the first parts of labor. My husband applied counter pressure in different ways to my back through every contraction, through the methods Prudence had shown us. Once at the hospital and when the pain became more intense, Prudence was there through it all, guiding me in my breathing, applying pressure where it was needed, using the rebozo when I needed it and applied pressure points. I could not have made it throughout labor without pain medications if it weren’t for her guidance and help. I thank her so much for help bringing our baby into the world.” -Carrie, Frank and McKenzie, October 2015. _______________________________________________
“We are so pleased to have had Prudence as our doula! This was my second birth, and my first birth had been a very, very long and intense process (almost 72 hours of non-medicated birth, and some nail-biting moments). My husband and I were planning on being on our own this time, sans my mother and friends who had provided support at our first birth.
Deciding to have a doula, and specifically, Prudence, was one of the most important choices we made for our second son’s birth. Prudence came to our house a number of times prior to the birth to build rapport, and understand what our objectives and fears were, and to support us in preparing mentally, physically and spiritually for the birth, especially after the trauma of our first birth. She helped put my fears at rest, and worked out with my husband how to communicate during the birth (his primary language is Spanish).
During the birth, Prudence helped my husband and I be in-sync and comfortable with each other and the process. She had an intuitive sense of what was needed. For example, she asked the nurses to dim the lights on the monitors to help put me in “labor land,” when labor was stalling a little. She was a calm, steady presence who kept me centered. She was an advocate when I needed one, and a friend when I needed one. I would absolutely recommend her services. In fact, my husband, who was initially uncertain about having a doula, now matter of factly tells his male friends that we had a water birth with a doula. He says he is glad we had Prudence at the birth.
She was a major reason we were able to have a non-medicated water birth. Our dear water baby is now six months old and I still think fondly of our birth experience and of Prudence. Thank you, Prudence!”
Rosa, Summer 2013
“Prudence was exactly what we were looking for in a doula. I needed assurance from someone with experience to help calm me when I wasn’t feeling so self-assured during labor. She was so knowledgeable and she gave us insight into what to expect at the hospital and she helped facilitate communication with the hospital staff at a difficult point during my labor. Prudence worked so well with my husband, she made it a priority to keep him included and at peace during a time of chaos. It was a pleasure working with her and I only hope if we decide to have more that she’s available to assist us again!”
Jaime Skondin
“Prudence and Martha were both so flexible and accommodating to my family. They helped us navigate the confusing circumstances surrounding a first birth and really put us at ease about the process. I was so happy to see a familiar face in the birthing room when Prudence came to help. She was there for me through a rapid and, at times, overwhelming labor.  She worked with my midwife to keep me on track and stayed until everyone was comfortable and safe. I highly recommend this doula group. They were recommended to me by two other friends with great experiences and I’m so glad they were.” -Anna, David, and Ellis Heston, Legacy Emanuel Hospital, August 2013