Keely Helmick

Certified Doula 

Labor is an emotionally primal, wondrous and potentially transformative experience . My purpose is to allow mothers to experience birth as empowered, capable humans, intuitively bringing forth life. My role is to advocate with women to have the birth they desire through education, information and support.

My experience

I have always been fascinated with the birth process and been drawn to working with women through life transitions. As a young adult I advocated for women who experienced domestic violence and sexual assault. During the early years with my first child I began working in mental health and addiction field. Around the same time I began exploring birth assistance and birth education. After my second child I was able to pursue my goal of private practice, bringing together doula work and counseling to include prenatal, labor and postpartum support.

Labor support

There are two specific parts to my role in the labor room; the tasks and the presence. The task can be anything from comforting touch, massage, labor position suggestions, encouragement,affirmations, food, drink, partner assistance and others based on individual preference. The presence is that specific gift that makes each doula and doula-client relationship different. The tasks (and tools) are given to doulas during training, but the presence is developed. My personal exploration, therapy experiences and past and current relationships shape my presence and being. I strive to “be a reassuring presence…who reminds you of your choices…., sees you and eases your pain with a touch, a word, a look.”

Birth and “fourth trimester” preparation and education

The preparation for birth can have a tremendous effect on labor. Along with doula and counseling services I offer three workshops, “Mindfully preparing for birth and beyond” , “The fourth trimester” and “nurturing the relationship after the baby”. Mindful birth workshop is a preparatory  class for couples learning and practicing the skills of mindful meditation, breath and movement as tools to utilize during pregnancy, labor and beyond. “The fourth trimester” focuses on the first three months after birth offering tools to expecting parents. Nurturing the relationship is a workshop focused on tools for the couple as the prepare to navigate their relationship after bringing home the baby. Please contact me with questions or to register for upcoming groups or individual topic sessions.

Contact Keely at or  503-332-7003

Fee: $800-$1200. Clients choose what to pay within this range. 

Client Reviews

“It’s hard to put into words how thankful I am for Keely’s assistance during my successful VBAC labor. It was truly a life-changing and empowering event that I will always cherish. Keely has a calming and intuitive ability to read what is needed and desired at each moment. She helped keep a calm, positive environment among family and staff and helped me stay motivated by recommending alternate resting and active positions-when we wouldn’t have known what to try next. Keely also has a special skill as a counselor. I utilized her counseling services to help me process a traumatic life event I had experienced around birth. She was such a great listener and helped me find a thoughtful way to integrate healing into my delivery, yet respectfully acknowledge the grief.

Also, her presence allowed for my husband to take much-needed breaks during my 13 ½ hour non-medicated birth without leaving me unattended. I would recommend Keely in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a thoughtful, calm, compassionate doula- especially if you would like help processing fears and/or trauma before your birth.”

-Stevie, Summer 2013


“Although I suppose my daughter would have eventually been born without Keely’s support, I literally can not imagine having to go through the childbirth process without her.  I certainly don’t think I would have been able to stick to my birth plan of having an unmedicated birth without her support.  There were many times when I would have been in or stayed in panic mode without her calming presence to help me physically and mentally.  I can’t say enough good things about her skills and abilities to intuit just what I needed.”