Jenny Gullen: Certified Labor Doula and Lactation Educator Counselor

Birth Philsophy
As a birth doula, my purpose is to help create a positive environment in which you feel supported, confident, and loved. During your pregnancy I will give you the educational tools and support you need to feel confident in your birthing choices and the birthing environment you want for you, your child, and loved ones. When the birth arrives I will be your advocate to help carry your vision through and, if necessary, adapt to changing circumstances. As an experienced birth professional, I will also serve as a source of comfort and guidance through the birthing process.  I enjoy helping women feel connected to their partner, body and baby as they experience the path to motherhood for the first, second, or umpteenth time. Every birth story is special, and I would be honored to be a part of yours.

Additional Training / Services
In addition to being a certified labor doula, I am also a certified lactation educator counselor, birth and family photographer and will soon become an ICEA certified childbirth educator. I have also received training in the use of the rebozo for comfort and positioning during pregnancy and childbirth. With my lactation training I can help to prepare you for breastfeeding and offer support in early postpartum should breastfeeding pose a challenge. I believe that pregnancy/childbirth is a magical time in a woman’s life, and as a professional photographer I can also help document those special moments – everything from the beauty of pregnancy to labor and delivery, to watching your child become a sibling, to breastfeeding – in a way that you can cherish and share forever.

Personal Life
I have been married for almost ten years and together my husband and I have two beautiful children. My boys were my inspiration for getting into the world of birth. I was born and raised in Michigan and while I sometimes (not often) miss the snow, I have fallen in love with the culture and beauty that Oregon has to offer. I love spending time with my family exploring Portland, going on a hike, picking up a new crochet project, sipping on a cup of joe, and tending to my very small (but hopefully some day big) garden. You can also find me watching the Food Network or an old episode of Gilmore Girls.

Contact Jenny at or (248) 766-1908

Fee: $900-$1200. Clients choose what to pay within this range.  



I am proud to say I was Jenny’s first birth and even before the magical time came, I was confident I had made a great choice.  Jenny was caring, available when I needed her and such a key part of my birthing team.  If we have any more little blessings, I will definitely be calling Jenny right away!  Ask her about her famous “hip squeeze” I don’t think I would have had such an enjoyable birth without her help….she is highly recommended in my book of professionals! You can just tell when someone is called to a profession and that is definitely the case with Jenny, she is a natural at what she does.  She was right there when I needed her, but allowed my husband to play the part he needed to, so the time was extra special. I didn’t know that doulas can only take a certain number of clients within a certain time, so make sure you call her right away.  – Dona

During my first pregnancy, I did not know very much about pregnancy, labor and or delivery. As my weeks went on I did my research and gave questions to my OB, he shot me down in 4 seconds when I mentioned water birth. That pregnancy ended in a c-section due to transverse position. The next time, I swore, would be different. I was not having another C section. I went online and searched local doula’s and found Jenny. We meet up and when we left my husband said, “she is your long lost best friend that has the exact same ideas you have.” He was right, she was. My family didn’t understand why I needed a doula when I had doctors and my husband. I explained it and they stopped asking, pretty sure they never got it. I had a vision of what I wanted, birth is magical and my “best friend” got that, she knew what I meant. I was laboring for FOUR days, major back labor. Jenny texted or called me constantly until I asked her to finally meet me in the hospital. My “plan” did not get followed as much as I wanted, I got my epidual and pitocin, but Jenny was amazingly positive about and supportive even though she knew it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. She did everything she could to make me comfortable, put gloves on, held my leg and helped me push. She took AMAZING photographs as well. My husband was amazed and so happy to have her there to help me. I’m glad she was there to help me with my first VBAC because I was so scared I would not have one. I am happy to have met her and call her my friend. I would never want to be pregnant without a doula best friend to talk to. I have recommended her and a doula in general to every female I have ever met. – Courtney

We hired Jenny as our birth doula in July 2013. My husband and I were expecting our first child in August and felt that a doula would make our experience much more pleasant and less stressful. We were right! Jenny was absoultely wonderful. She provided continued support to us pre-labor, during the labor and delivery, and after the birth of our precious baby daughter. Both my husband and I felt more secure knowing that Jenny was there for us and on-call before my labor started. My baby was late and Jenny provided invaluable advise and ideas as to how to naturally induce labor; once in the hospital, Jenny arrived shortly after we contacted her and provided us with further support. I felt her presenece was comforting; my husband also appreciated the added help, which allowed him to be more relaxed and enjoy the birth of our little one. While my husband and I took a camera to take photos of our big day, everything was happening so quickly, we did not even take one picture! Jenny, however, was there documenting it all. She took many great, as well as tastefuly, photos of us and our baby. If it were not for Jenny, we might not have had a single photo of the labor and delivery! We highly recommend Jenny as a birth doula. Whether you are deliverying at home or at a hospital, like I did, a doula provides tremendous help and support for both the mother and her partner. With her pleasant personality, calming presence, useful ideas, and great photography skills, Jenny defintely contributed to making my labor and delivery a positive experience! – Maria