Carrie Cohen

 Certified Labor Doula, Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Certified Childbirth and Lactation Educator

**Please note that I am not accepting birth doula clients at this time due to my upcoming maternity leave this winter 2016.  I will continue to offer breastfeeding and lactation support to families until February.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for additional referrals. Thank you!**

I have always felt a calling to women’s health care, specifically learning, and helping others to learn about the body’s natural processes and how to work with these through labor and birth. I have worked as a science educator for the last sixteen years, and have a background in human development and health sciences. Currently I am teaching courses at Portland State University that focus on breastfeeding support, health care choices throughout pregnancy and birth, and teen pregnancy and parenting.  I also teach childbirth education classes privately and with Providence Health and Services. Based on our work together prenatally, I will help you use the comfort techniques and approaches that feel right to you throughout your labor.  While always being mindful of the type of birth you desire, I will honor and support your needs and decisions as they arise to help you create a positive birth experience.

Additionally, I work as a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and offer lactation support in the comfort of your home or in my consultation space at Kenton Family Wellness.  This is a service available to all our clients, regardless of who you work with in labor.  Please feel free to call with any questions or to schedule a visit.  You can also visit my Lactation website:

I speak conversational Spanish and am an ICEA Certified Childbirth Educator and a CAPPA Certified Lactation Educator.  Thank you!

Contact Carrie at or 503-720-3993

Fee: $800-$1200. Client chooses what to pay within this range. 

Client Reviews 

“My husband and I worked with Carrie for the birth of our son. I wanted a doula in the labor room to guide us through the process and help with pain control. My husband was a little skeptical about having another person in the room because he didn’t want to feel left out.

We met with Carrie a few times before the birth. We felt very comfortable with her right away, and it was obvious she was excited to help us through this process. She was extremely helpful by providing information for us to read, exercises for us to practice, resources, and questions for us to think about.

During the birth my husband and I were so relieved and glad that Carrie was in the room with us. She helped show my husband ways he could comfort me when I was unsure of what I needed.

My original plan was to have a natural birth and not use pain medication, but when the pain became unbearable I decided to get an epidural. Carrie quickly came up with new techniques and strategies to help now that the plan had changed. She was completely supportive during the entire process.

My husband and I both agree that having Carrie present during the labor and birth was extremely beneficial and we would absolutely do it again.”



“Carrie Cohen was a great source of comfort to us in the weeks leading up to our son’s birth and during the labor process.  She got to know our preferences, our hopes, and our needs very well ahead of the birth and also helped us sort out some of the aspects of the process that we needed to clarify for ourselves.  During the birth, Carrie applied everything she had learned about us and was hugely supportive to both my husband and myself.  Not only did she advocate for me and provide comfort for me in the delivery room, but she also helped my husband be a greater source of support and comfort to me than he would have been without her guidance.  We were both very happy that Carrie was there to help us bring our son into this world in such a calm, loving space.”


“Carrie was very resourceful from the time we met, until well after the birth of our son.  It was great knowing she was only a phone call or an e-mail away.  And she always responded in a timely manner.”
Michelle, Emer, and baby Isaac