One of our doulas, Keely Helmick, is training as a Yoga Way to Birth instructor. As part of that process, she is co-facilitating several upcoming birth classes. You can find out more about the dates and location of those classes on our website or visit the Yoga Way to Birth for more information. Read below to find out what it’s all about!

What is the Yoga Way to Birth?

Content supplied by Tina Lilly of The Yoga Way to Birth. 

The Yoga Way to Birth is a body-mind centered childbirth class built on the belief that both mind and body are enablers of birth wisdom and deserve equal attention in birth preparation. It is geared towards women and their partners who are hoping to have an unmedicated, vaginal birth. However, as a mindfulness-based program, the Yoga Way to Birth offers valuable practices for all individuals — whether birthing at home, in the hospital, vaginally or by Cesarean.

A central focus of the Yoga Way to Birth is on the role of the body in birth. It approaches birth as an embodied experience, i.e. as an experience that is generated by the body and reflected upon by the mind. Through yoga and meditation practices, we look at birth through the lens of the body. We reflect on what the body knows and experiences from moment to moment, and how birth mothers can be guided by that experience in labor and in life.

People have used the principles and techniques of yoga and meditation successfully for centuries to understand themselves better, and to live healthier and more balanced lives. This is partially because yoga and meditation are practice-based experiences that involve the body in mindful inquiry. Such experiences bring us into relationship with ourselves, and provide the context for self-exploration and learning.

Holistic birth preparation should always make room for self-study. Labor and birth are intense human experiences with the potential for personal growth. The Yoga Way to Birth honors this component of childbirth education by looking at your beliefs and perceptions, and how they shape the way you think about yourself and birth. You will learn how to engage your mind as an ally of the body in birth, and cultivate a way of being that supports your ability to be present, focused and at ease.